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Edible gold flakes certified for use in food are biologically inert, tasteless and have a neutral effect on other flavors. Gold Chef culinary gold flakes are produced in Italy, made exclusively from pure 23K gold, are responsibly sourced and guaranteed by TÜV Rheinland.



Culinary gold flakes are supplied in elegant packaging for use in the small and medium distribution food industry. You can choose between a series of 14 70 mg parchment bags or 12 recyclable 125 mg glass jars. Both of these solutions are available in countertop or shelf displays.

Gold Flakes


Exquisitely precious, edible gold flakes are extremely versatile: they transform finger food, first courses, fusion cuisine, meat and fish, desserts and cakes into real jewel dishes. Of course, every chef can choose the product and variety that they consider most suitable for their creations, according to their individual tastes and preferences.

Gold Flakes


Thanks to their size, culinary gold flakes, which resemble scales, are precious decorations, perfect for making liqueurs and spirits, drinks, chocolate and confectionery shine. Buy wholesale. They are available in glass jars or parchment bags in sizes measured to the desired quantities and, upon request, we can customize some of the specific characteristics of edible gold flakes for wholesale distribution, such as the specific weight, size, alloy and packaging.

Gold Flakes

Pure gold edible flakes, safe and certified

All Gold Chef products are produced in compliance with food industry regulations, such as GMP (General Manufacturing Purpose) regulations and the strict quality and safety standards required by Italian and European law. The excellence of these edible gold flakes is guaranteed by Giusto Manetti Battiloro, a historic company based in Florence, Italy, that has been processing precious metals since 1600.

Gold Chef culinary gold flakes are gluten-free, contain no substances of animal origin, are hypoallergenic and certified for Kosher cuisine. There are many recipes that use edible gold flakes as a decoration for dishes and beverages, including some of star chef Vito Mollica’s favorite recipes.

Chef Mollica combines edible gold flakes with sweet and savory dishes, enhancing the combination of flavors and colors. His raw shrimp and anchovy recipe with citrus and gold is famous: the brightness of the fish scales shines in contact with the gold, giving the sensation of tasting a unique and precious dish.



Gold Flakes 1 gr Gold Flakes

1 gr Gold Flakes

23 kt Gold

Gold Flakes 3 gr Gold Flakes

3 gr Gold Flakes

23 kt Gold

Gold Flakes 10 gr Gold Flakes

10 gr Gold Flakes

23 kt Gold

Gold Flakes 50 gr Gold Flakes

50 gr Gold Flakes

23 kt Gold

Gold Flakes 70 mg Gold Flakes Display

70 mg Gold Flakes Display

contains 14 packages of 70 mg - 23 kt Gold

Gold Flakes 125 mg Gold Flakes Display

125 mg Gold Flakes Display

contains 12 packages of 125 mg - 23 kt Gold


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