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Gold Chef Pills of Edible Gold


Luxurious and exclusive, 23K edible gold powder in pills is quick and easy to use and the ideal pre-measured solution for decorations. Available in 10mg size per pill.

Gold Chef edible gold is copper-free, biologically inert, tasteless, imperceptible to the palate and 100% Made in Italy.



Using edible gold has never been easier or more precise. With Gold Chef single-serving pills, mixologists, bartenders and catering professionals have the perfect amount of gold powder at their fingertips, to embellish all their creations with the most precious splendour as well as complete control over costs and how much they are using.

Gold powder pills are particularly suitable for coffee drink preparations, cocktails and pasties.

Gold pills

Gold Chef edible gold in pills for cocktails, desserts and coffee drinks

The Gold Chef range of edible gold now has an added solution designed specifically for catering professionals, to help them achieve surprisingly spectacular results using just the right amount of pure gold for each decoration. The pills are very easy to use and you have full control over the amount of gold you use as well as the cost.

Made exclusively from certified edible gold, with no added copper, additives or colouring, 23K Gold Chef gold powder pills are as valuable as they are versatile and easy to use. With one simple flick of the wrist you can add the most splendid and exclusive of decorations to coffee, pastries and beverages.

Gold Chef edible gold is gluten-free, certified for use in kosher cuisine, and has zero animal-derived substances. It is produced in Florence by Giusto Manetti Battiloro, a family business that has worked with gold leaf for more than four centuries.

To use the pills, simply open them and gently sprinkle the pure gold, letting the gold powder fall onto the solid or liquid surface that you are decorating. It creates instant shine, with the incomparable magical light of this most precious metal.

Gold Chef gold powder in pills is available in the 10mg size per pill.


Gold pills Gold pills

Gold pills

10 mg of 23 kt edible gold per pill


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