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The preciousness of 100 mg and 200 mg of very fine 23K edible gold powder and the extreme ease of a spray: the new 23K edible gold spray by Gold Chef is Made in Italy, biologically inert, tasteless and undetectable to the palate

Gold Chef edible gold powder is suitable for food use in compliance with the current provisions of the countries in which it is used. It is produced in the Giusto Manetti Battiloro factory located in Florence (Italy), notified to the competent Health Authorities (registration no. CE IT AAE 090 5).

It is advisable to shake the package well before using the product.



Easy and practical to use, this edible gold spray allows you to quickly decorate with a smooth coating of 23K culinary gold powder. Convenient to use on chocolate, cakes, bakery and pastry products, it is also perfect for on-the-spot decorations for dishes in the restaurant industry, as well as for all situations where you need an elegant and widespread luxurious decoration in the shortest possible time. Each dispenser can be used to decorate up to 25 to 30 single portions with 150 ml version, up to 10 to 15 with 75 ml version(*).

Gold Spray

Culinary gold spray for desserts and more, the new product by Gold Chef

The Gold Chef range of culinary gold has been enriched by an extraordinary innovation: this 23K culinary gold spray is an absolute innovation on the market and was created after more than two years of research. With ONLY culinary gold, without additives or colorants, Gold Chef edible gold spray is precious, easy to use, safe and guaranteed. It has been designed for creating impressive decorative effects, to quickly and practically add value to your work.

All Gold Chef production is made with a production process that complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles and the strict hygiene and safety requirements imposed by the European Union. The quality system adopted for the production process control is certified according to the international standard FSSC 22000:2020.

Gold Chef products do not contain allergens, are not produced with adjuvants and/or materials of animal origin and can also be supplied with Kosher certification. The origin and processing of the precious metal are guaranteed by Giusto Manetti Battiloro, a historic company that has been working gold leaf in Florence since 1600.

Decorating and embellishing every dish only with real edible gold has never been so easy(*). To use this product, just shake the container well and remove the cap. Then spray by exerting light pressure to shine touch of luxury on your culinary creations.

Master pastry chef Domenico Di Clemente, of the historic Martesana pastry shop in Milan, has chosen Gold Chef 23K culinary gold spray to illuminate his recipes. Ideal for elegantly “dressing up” the homogeneous surfaces of cakes, culinary gold is a decoration that makes the Martesana pastry shop’s creations distinctive(*).



Gold Spray 23kt Gold Spray

23kt Gold Spray

200 mg of 23KT GOLD
150 ml version

Gold Spray 23kt Gold Spray

23kt Gold Spray

100 mg of 23KT GOLD
75 ml version


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