Officine Gullo and Giusto Manetti Battiloro presented the 'Riso e Oro' event by Gualtiero Marchesi

Officine Gullo and Giusto Manetti Battiloro presented the ‘Riso e Oro’ event by Gualtiero Marchesi

In conjunction with Taste, two renowned Florentine entrepreneurships – Officine Gullo, excellence in the production of luxury metal kitchens, and Giusto Manetti Battiloro, the historic gold leaf producer – and the Gualtiero Marchesi Foundation, created by the Master of Italian cuisine, got together for an evening dedicated to celebrating the ancient tradition of gold in the kitchen in an exceptional location in the heart of Florence, the Officine Gullo House.

Giusto Manetti Battiloro, producer of gold leaf in Florence since 1600 and historical partner of the Gualtiero Marchesi Foundation, was proud to sign the dishes of the ‘Riso e Oro’ evening event with the special 24 kt gold leaf by Gold Chef, the company’s brand dedicated to culinary gold.

From the ancient east to the splendours of the Renaissance, for centuries gold has been the protagonist of the most important tables in history, becoming a true icon of haute cuisine with Gualtiero Marchesi. The Chef created a timeless masterpiece by bringing the culture of art and beauty to the centre of the dish, while perfectly balancing the aesthetic concept with taste of a masterfully revisited classic recipe.

Combining aesthetics, with the pursuit of perfection and craftsmanship, are the same values sought by Officine Gullo, whose kitchens are the result of an extraordinary union between tradition and avant-garde, between craftsmanship and precision engineering.

Florence is the city where these two important realities were born and still thrive today. The evening event took place right in the heart of its historic centre at the Officine Gullo House in Piazza Ognissanti. This is a special place, an ancient deconsecrated chapel forming part of the All Saints complex, which Officine Gullo chose as the seat of its experiential space. A location where, in addition to exhibiting some of its most iconic products, Officine Gullo also organizes experiences that combine culinary arts, craftsmanship and culture.