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"A BRILLIANT IDEA" Rice with black squid ink and silver


  • Difficulty medium
  • Preparation 30 minutes
  • Tipology first course
  • Portions 4 people


  • 320 g of rice
  • 80 g of black squid ink
  • 80 g of extra virgin olive oil
  • 60 g of pecorino
  • 10 g of ginger juice
  • 1 l of fish fumet
  • Edible silver crumbs


Photo and recipe have the only purpose of presenting the product(*).

Toast the rice in half the oil, add a little white wine, simmer until the alcohol evaporates; finish cooking by gradually adding the fish fumet and black squid ink.

Add the pecorino, remaining extra virgin olive oil and ginger juice, stir until creamy.

Spread the rice thinly on each dish and sprinkle with silver shards.