Creations of great chefs



  • Difficulty Difficult
  • Preparation 2 hours
  • Tipology Dessert
  • Portions 6 people


  • For the cream puff with croqueline:
  • 100 g of butter
  • 120 g of sugar
  • 100 g of 00 flour
  • 10 g of cocoa
  • 100 g of milk
  • 100 g of water
  • 100 g of butter
  • 20 g of cocoa
  • 200 g of eggs
  • For the hazelnut chantilly cream:
  • 0.5 litres of milk
  • 150 g of caster sugar
  • 40 g of flour
  • 10 g of rice starch
  • 75 g of yolks
  • vanilla to taste
  • 200 g of fresh heavy cream
  • 24 g of Sugar
  • 100 g of hazelnut paste


Photo and recipe have the only purpose of presenting the product(*).

Mix croqueline with butter, sugar, cocoa and flour.

Let it rest in the fridge a few minutes and mould to a height of h1.2cm and diameter 4cm, and store in the fridge.

Make a cream puff by boiling water, milk and butter. Sift flour and cocoa, add to mixture and mix until a batter forms.

Place in mixer with the beater attachment and set aside to cool.

Add eggs a little at a time and allow it to cool.

With the help of a piping bag, make some round cream puffs and put the croqueline on them. Bake in the oven at 180°C for about 30 minutes.

Prepare the Italian pastry cream, which we will then mix with the heavy cream to make the chantilly cream, by boiling the milk with half the sugar, salt and vanilla. Mix flour, rice starch, sugar and egg yolk separately. Add to milk and mix until thickened.

Set aside to cool for about an hour.

Whip the cream with the sugar and mix with 200 g of pastry cream. Add the hazelnut paste and add to the cream puffs. Create chocolate swans and place on the cream puff. Spray the swans with gold spray.