Let's get to know chef Filippo Saporito

Let’s get to know chef Filippo Saporito

From the old abbey of Abbadia Isola in Siena to Villa Bardini in Florence: let’s get to know Michelin star chef Filippo Saporito.

How and when did you discover edible gold?

I have been in this business since I was 14, so it would date back to ancient history (laughs ed). My first memories of edible gold are around the time Gualtiero Marchesi started using it in the late 1980s. I had bought a well-known brand of water bottles, and with a certain number of points I could win some books. One of them, which I still have, had the photo of the famous risotto with gold leaf. It was like an epiphany.

What creations do you prefer to use it on, and why?

I think edible gold is quite versatile. It’s a touch of richness, a touch of opulence, a touch of beauty. We usually use it in desserts, but slowly we started to use it on some savoury dishes too(*), just to give that extra special effect. On the menu right now, for example, edible gold is featured in a langoustine dish(*).

Are there any factors that affect the use of gold and silver in your creations?

Generally, I would say no. When we look at a new dish from an extremely aesthetic point of view, we decide to add that precious touch.

Any advice for those who want to try using edible gold?

I would say the first step is research about how to use it, because if not, the first few times, as we would say in Tuscany, “ci si rimbalza” (“we bounce off it”), and find our kitchen with gold stuck everywhere except where we wanted to put it. So make sure you read the instructions well (laughs ed.).

Why did you select Gold Chef by Giusto Manetti Battiloro gold and silver products?

Simple: we truly focus our attention on local collaborations both for ethical reasons and because we live in the most beautiful city in the world. We’re careful about where we get our pigeons and where we get our greens, so we are just as careful about sourcing gold from a historic Italian company that makes it right in Florence and with the highest quality standards. Furthermore I am of the opinion that if something is created in a beautiful place, it is certainly more beautiful, and if it is also a certified food like Gold Chef, then it is simply perfect.