Two years of experimentation has resulted in a revolutionary patent.


Gold is tasteless by nature and its use in the food industry has always been purely decorative. Until 2015, when Giusto Manetti Battiloro presented the result of two years of research at the Milan Expo: flavoured gold. Actually there are three flavours.


In collaboration with Enrico Giotti, a Florentine maestro specialised in the production of aromas, we filed an international patent that adds fragrance and flavour to edible gold. It therefore has become a true ingredient, capable of surprising both the eyes and the palate at the same time.


Just like “common” edible gold, flavoured gold is completely natural. Three flavours are available: truffle, lime and vanilla.


The presentation of “The Taste of Gold” was launched by Michelin star chef Marco Stabile (another Tuscan maestro) who has specially created some extraordinary dishes, including a poached egg with confit asparagus, a reduction of Tuscan wine and gold leaf with truffle, and a farro risotto with fennel, pecorino cheese and lime gold(*).