Gold Crumbs 1 gr

23kt gold

 Gold Crumbs  1 gr

An impressive touch when plating food, gold crumbs are the best ally of a detail-conscious chef. Because of their size and texture, they are ideal on confectionery products, chocolates and pastries(*), with small, surprising touches of light. Very easy to use, they make each creation unique.

Packaging: Glass container

Available Formats: 1 gram

Conservations Suggestions: Seal and store in a cool and dry place

Product Duration: 10 years from the date of manufacture

Guarantee: 10 years

Packaging Description

The resistant glass jar ensures safe transport. The resealable cap allows you to perfectly preserve the edible gold between each use.

  • Made with 23-karat gold from responsable sources
  • Manufactured according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) food manufacturing standards
  • E175 Food Colouring
  • Biologically inert, tasteless and imperceptible to the palate
  • Gold Chef products do not contain allergens, they are not produced with adjuvants and/or materials of animal origin
  • Kosher certified
  • Shake well before use
  • The only purpose of the image is to present the product(*)
  • Each Gold Chef 1 gram package contains enough gold crumbs to decorate 75 to 100 portions.
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Gold crumbs: the perfection is in the details

Crumbs are the most versatile format to make any dish sparkle. To apply in precise points(*) we suggest placing them with the help of wooden or metal tweezers or tongs. For a more widespread visual effect you can use a teaspoon or a shaker. To store them between each use, simply close the jar tightly.

A chef’s secret ingredient

For perfectly unique, rich and unforgettable appetizers, first courses, vegetables, fish main courses and large or small confections(*), golden crumbs are ideal. They are flexible and sinuous and able to enhance the composition and colours of any creation(*).


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